executive producer
                    + director

Food Network series “I Hart Food”

Network:                               Food Network
Production Co:                    Warrior Poets
Executive Producers:         Morgan Spurlock, Ethan Goldman, Jeremy Chilnick, Linnea Toney, Hannah Hart

Host:                                      Hannah Hart
Director:                                David Bowles
Producer:                              Durier Ryan
DP:                                         Christine Ng

Developed and Produced 6-episode series for Food Network, featuring YouTube star Hannah Hart (”My Drunk Kitchen”).

Wrote episode treatments; Researched profiled restaurants and chefs; Produced episodes in the field.

Filmed on location in Phoeniz, AZ; Portland, ME; Eugene, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Missoula, MT; and Asheville, NC.

SAMPLE CLIP:  “Biscuitheads” from Asheville, NC.